ECT 213
ECT 213
Digital Circuits
Spring 2008

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (
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Required Text: Digital Electronics withVHDL by William Kleitz
Required Software: Simulation Software (save to desktop -> just click to run [java MUST be installed])
  Simulation Manual
Required Parts: Parts List (Will be available as a kit from NC A&T IEEE Student Chapter)
Course Outline:
Topics ReadingHandoutsAssignments
Lecture 1:
  Number Systems
Chapter 1Lecture 1(Original)
Lecture 1(as presented)
Assignment #1 - Number Systems
Due 1/15/08
Lecture 2:
  Digital Signals
 Lecture 2 
Lecture 3:
  Logic Gates
  Truth Tables
  Boolean Equations
Chapter 3Lecture 3Home Work 2
Due 1/22/2008
Lab 1:
  Digital Circuit Simulations
 Lab 1Due End of Lab.
Lecture 4:
  Boolean Algebra
Chapter 5Lecture 4
Boolean Reduction Laws/Rules/Theorems
Home Work 3
Due 1/31/2008
Lab 2:
  Combinational Logic Circuit
Breadboard Video 1
Breadboard Video 2
Logic Probe
Lab 2
Due Feb 5th at start of lab end of lab by 5pm.
Lecture 5:
  HW #3
Review for Test #1
  Tuesday during Lab
 Test 1 Review

Answers for Review
Test #1
  Thursday in class
Lab 3:
  1st Breadboard Circuit
 Lab 3
You will need tools (and breadboard if you have one) for this lab.

Review videos for Lab 2 before lab.

Due end of lab. Start of next weeks lab.
Lecture 6:
  Go Over Test
Lab 4:
  2nd Circuit
 Lab 4Start of next weeks lab.
Lecture 7:
Rules Home Work 4
Due 2/28/2008
Lab 5:
  K-Map Simplification
 Lab 5Start End of next lab (after spring break).
Due start of lab Mar 18 (will NOT be accepted late).
Lecture 8:
  K-Maps (HW Review)
Lecture 9:
  Digital Logic Tricks
 Lecture 9 HW (From Lecture Notes) Example 15 (page 13), Example 17 (Page 15), Example 10 (page 23) and Example 11 (Page 24)

Due Tuesday Mar 18
Lab 6:
  Xor and Parity
 Lab 6Due end of lab (Mar 18).
Test #2
  Thursday (Mar 20) in class
 K-map software* 
Lab 7:
 Lab 7Due start of next weeks lab (Apr 1). Will NOT be accepted LATE!
Lecture 10:
  Binary Arithmetic
 Lecture 10  
Lab 8:
  BCD Add/Subtract Circuit
 Lab 8Due start of next weeks lab (Apr 8). Will NOT be accepted LATE!
Lecture 11:
 Lecture 11  
Lecture 12:
  Intro to Latches/Flip-Flops
 Lecture 12 (Simulations)  
Review for Test #2
  Tuesday during Lab
Test #2
  Tuesday in LAB
Lab 9:
  BCD to 7-seg Disp
 Using two 74LS47 IC's, add a 7-segment display output to LAB 8Must be demoed to instructor for credit.
Lab 10:
  4 bit counter
 Lab 10Must be demoed to instructor for credit by 5pm Tues May 6.
 * - To practice for the test download K-map software and install the software. Pick a K-map size (2 -> 4 variable) using the slider at the bottom of the window. Fill it the K-map with 1's and 0's (don't use *'s) and then work it yourself and press analyze to see the computer generated answer. See help for how to fill in k-maps using Truth Tables as well. Note that | is used instead of a bar to indicate a NOT.
Reference Links: TTL Data Book (ON-Semi 2.5 MB)
  TTL Pocket Databook (TI 4.9 MB)