Test 1 Study Guide

NOTE: The list of questions below are SAMPLES of some questions that MIGHT be on the test. These questions might or might not appear on the actual test and other question types might be on the test that are not sampled here. This online study guide is produced to assist you to study and should NOT be used as the sole means of preparing for the test. The test will cover all READING ASSIGNMENTS, HW, Lectures and Labs covered up to lecture 6 and lab 2.

# Binary, Hex, Decimal Conversions (similar to 213 Review Quiz Question 1).

# Computer history (matching question, dates will NOT be asked)

# Bitwise Operations (Similar to Bitwise Operators HW).

# D Flip Flops and Latches (Timing Diagram / Truth Table / IEEE Symbols)

The following list is just a SAMPLE it is suggested you look though the lecture notes and textbook chapters for other topics and key words.
  • Chp 1
  • Chp 2
  • Chp 4
  • Chp 5*
  • Chp 6
  • Chp 7
    *Note: Chapter 5b goes into a lot of technical information that will NOT be covered on the test. Only items covered in the lecture #4 (demux / RAM Simulations) will be covered on the test.

    You might also want to look over Labs 1 and 2. Questions derived from knowledge you should have gained while performing the labs are fair game on the test.

    On the test you will be required to put the definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Memorized definitions do not show the instructor what you know and understand, they only show you have the ability to memorize! Keep this in mind while studying.