This webpage translates Student Academic Transcripts from the New Aggie Access system and puts it a more readable form.

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  • Open a Second Web Browser.
    • Log into the NEW Aggie Access
    • Retrieve a "Student Academic Transcript"
    • In your browser menu select EDIT | SELECT ALL
    • EDIT | COPY
  • Place the cursor in the textbox below.
  • EDIT | PASTE to put your Academic Transcript into the textbox (below).
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  • Select the type of output you want.
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Note: This script sometimes has a problem with TRANSFERS and SUBSTITUTIONS. If a class you know you took is showing up as not taken (red / bold font) look at the section marked "EXTRA COURSES" at the bottom of the page. It will probably be there.

Usage Policy:
This service is provided AS IS. Although care has been taken to verify the accuracy of the information provided, this webpage is to be used ONLY as a guide and is NOT meant as a replacement for a Degree Audit.

This website sends your transcripts to the server "in the clear", it does NOT encrypt the information in any way. Although it is unlikely that others will read the information, if you are concerned about your transcript being read by others....STOP NOW!

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This script is known to work with IE 6, Mozilla Firefox (for Windows) 2 and Mozilla (For Linux) 1.7.8. Other browsers are untested. Please report any problems to the email below and include a description of the problem (with screen captures would be great) and include your browser and version number. Thank you.

* - Years 1999-2003 unverified and available for Major Code 184 for "Semester by Semester" only!

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